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Maximize Tree & Shrub Health With Plant Health Care

Well-nourished and pest-free trees and shrubs can boost your curb appeal

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Don’t Leave Your Trees To Fend For Themselves

Trees and shrubs growing in a forest environment have it easy. They get a constant stream of organic matter and good nutrients from the decaying leaves and twigs on the forest floor. But trees and shrubs in your home landscape have a tougher time. Home building and high traffic deplete nutrients from the soil. Plant health care can give them the nourishment they need to thrive.

Take Your Curb Appeal To The Next Level

Trees and shrubs can do so much to elevate your property’s curb appeal. But without proper care, these assets can become sources of anxiety. Who has time for more stress? A proper inspection and diagnosis from one of our experienced plant health care professionals can ensure your problem is caught early and that your trees and shrubs have a chance to fight off insects and diseases and recover from damage like leaf holes, discoloration, and defoliation.

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Plant Health Care Prevents Problems and Elevates Value

Our plant health care services involve 6 applications throughout the year that are based on our findings from thorough tree and shrub inspections. This level of care grows plants that stand stronger against winds and storms and are able to shine, showing off lush, full canopies and bold, bright blooms.


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Now is the time for your worry-free property!

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