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Take a bite out of termite damage with effective termite control and protect you most valuable investment

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Don’t Let Termites Make a Meal Out of Your Home

Termites are an important part of nature as they consume decaying wood in their natural habitat. However, they are constantly searching for a new meal and your home can easily fall into their sights. Termites travel underground and feast on all types of wood unseen. If your home is left unprotected, termites can cause extensive damage before you know they are there. They don’t come knocking. They invade underground and eat while you sleep. Your home in Memphis or North Mississippi should hold your good times and memories. It shouldn’t also be a high-quality meal for termites. Termites may seem tiny, but their big appetites can wreak havoc on your biggest investment. Take back control of your home and keep these hungry pests out.

Targeted and Total Termite Control

Termites live in tunnels in the ground near your home, and they move back and forth to your home to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner – a bit of a dine-and-dash situation. Your mission: Prevent the infestation and if needed, control the active feeding termites at the source, their nests, and prevent future infestations. Don’t wait for them to arrive and cause extensive damage. Protect your home before they arrive with Termite 360.




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We Leave No Termite Behind

As Certified Sentricon Specialists®, Lawn & Pest Solutions can install non-invasive bait stations around your home to provide you with the ultimate in targeted subterranean termite control to eliminate current colonies. Then, each year, we can conduct interior and exterior termite inspections to confirm these hungry pests stay away for good.

We're Your Local Certified Sentricon Specialist® 

Whether you have a termite problem right now or want to prevent one from ever happening, the Sentricon® system helps take and keep control of your home. Watch how Sentricon offers complete termite protection and peace of mind.

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