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Win the War on Weeds

Say goodbye to weeds and hello to a blemish-free lawn

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Stop the Weed Takeover

Weeds can instantly take your property appearance down a notch with their leggy, tall, off-color appearance. They make you want to close the curtains and hide inside. You don’t have to feel trapped by crabgrass and other weeds that embark on relentless lawn attacks once they enter your Greater Memphis or North Mississippi yard. Win the war on weeds with our Lawn 360 treatment.



A Total Program for Total Weed Control

Problem weeds like nutgrass, buttonweed, annual bluegrass, crabgrass, and dallisgrass can certainly give your lawn a bad look. What weeds need is our 360 approach to lawn care where we use preventative and curative weed control measures – and any other applications necessary – to keep these troublesome weeds at bay. Weeds can’t get by our watchful, experienced eyes.

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Keep Weeds Away With Targeted, Effective Control

Weeds are the last thing you need. You have warm weather plans. You have weekends to spend outdoors. You don’t need weeds ruining your picture perfect lawn and making your yard look unkempt and neglected. Let us fight your weeds so you can get back to enjoying your lawn again.

Now is the time for your worry-free property!

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Daniel S.

"My yard looks so much better since changing to Lawn & Pest Lawn service. They manage my lawn and if they see something that may damage the lawn, they call and I appreciate that. Good service."