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Put An End To Mosquito Madness

These tiny vampires come in swarms and enter your space without being invited

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Does time in your backyard instantly bring about the maddening whir of mosquitoes … and the itchy, crimson bumps that follow – not to mention the fear that those bites can come along with life-threatening illnesses like West Nile virus? Stop the pesky bites that plague you and your family and enjoy your outdoor barbecues again with our Mosquito 360 program.




Put An End To These Small But Mighty Pests

Mosquitoes prove they can be small and still cause maximum irritation with their itch-inducing stings and potential for carrying nasty diseases. Protect you and your loved ones by keeping mosquitoes at bay with mosquito control services that target popular pest hangouts in your yard, reducing pest populations so you can get back outside.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

In addition to targeted, effective mosquito control services, we want you to be able to truly enjoy your Greater Memphis yard. That’s why we inspect your entire property and share tips with you about how to reduce mosquito habitats and standing water to additionally limit your overall pest populations.


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Doug B.

"I live in Tupleo and they always come out when I have trouble with pests. Great pricing and very professional. They always give pointers on how to prevent pests as well."