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Quarterly Service, Year-Round Pest Prevention

Comprehensive inspection and treatment keeps the worries down and the bugs out

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It’s Your Home; Not Theirs

Ants, spiders, and cockroaches can take the fun out of everything. They turn your kitchen – the hub of your home – into a war zone. They steal food crumbs and don’t even compliment the chef. They muck up a space you just cleaned. They are messy house guests you didn’t invite.

Protect Your Family From Pests

When you open a kitchen drawer, you want to easily reach for a utensil without spotting insect legs or mice tails or droppings. Creepy-crawly pests have a tendency to build nests around your home and then sneak inside through the smallest of spaces, seeking food, shelter, and places to nest and multiply. We know Greater Memphis’s worst home invaders and how to take them down with quarterly home pest control.

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Shield Your Home Against Future Invasions

Bugs and rodents may be treating your home like an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant … and they don’t even tip. Stop the madness with quarterly home pest control services designed to make your home less attractive to insects with proper pest identification, entry point sealing, and the use of exclusion techniques to keep pests out. We also continue creating a protective barrier around your home to prevent future invasions.


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Now is the time for your worry-free property!

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Cynthia M.

"Mosquito spray works great. Since Lawn & Pest Solutions treated my property I haven't had a single bite. I highly recommend their mosquito services."