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Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn? Lawn Care Schedules for Memphis, TN

Your Memphis, TN lawn looks its best when it’s in great shape – green and thick and healthy.

A lawn that looks this perfect or makes your neighbors this envious doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, there are quite a few services that are necessary to keep your lawn – a living plant – healthy and happy.

You may not know all the services involved in this endeavor. You just know you want a great lawn that stands up in your neighborhood and elevates your curb appeal.

Fertilization is one of these key services. And you might think obtaining a thick, green lawn can happen with just a quick stop at the home improvement store where you can purchase some fertilizer and a lawn spreader and check this chore off of your list.

Not so fast. Sure, lawn fertilization in Memphis, TN is an important part of a great lawn, but the process of doing it correctly takes more than just choosing some random products and putting them on your lawn. This service involves precision, science, the proper blend of nutrients, accurate timing, correct application, and best practices to ensure your lawn gets what it needs at the right time.

Maybe you don’t understand when to fertilize your lawn so it does the best job possible. Let’s talk about lawn fertilization timing and a lawn fertilization schedule, so you can better understand how it works.

All About Lawn Fertilization

Knowing when to fertilize your lawn is important because fertilizer applications encourage grass blade and root growth, boosting lawn density and reducing weeds in the process.

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Like all plants, your lawn needs water, sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients to grow. But your soil goes through a lot. Just the act of building your home or digging up the soil to add a patio strips your soil of nutrients. Building and construction churns up so much soil that there isn’t much left for your lawn.

Soils don’t provide an endless supply of nutrients, unfortunately. That’s where a lawn fertilization schedule comes into the picture. It helps provide your lawn with what your soil is lacking so it can grow healthy and strong and become resistant to weed and disease infestations, as well stand up to traffic.

The following lawn fertilization schedule tips can help, but remember that it can change slightly based on weather conditions and your specific property’s needs.

How Often Should You Fertilize As Part of Your Lawn Fertilization Schedule?

You probably hear about how you can fertilize as much as five or six times during the growing season as part of your lawn fertilization schedule.

But by being smart about what you apply, you can actually get the same or better results with less.

For instance, at Lawn & Pest Solutions, we use extended release fertilizers, so only two applications per year are sufficient for Memphis, TN lawns.

Remember, the right amount at the right time is more efficient than just pouring tons of fertilizer into the lawn.

When Is the Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn?

You’re probably also wondering when to fertilize your lawn in Memphis, TN for best results.

In general, you never want to fertilize when soil temperatures are too low. If you apply fertilizer to warm-season grasses when soil temperatures are too low, you are basically wasting fertilizer.

But if you use a highly stabilized fertilizer like we do at Lawn & Pest Solutions, it can be applied earlier but won’t break down until the soil temperatures reach that optimum level. This way it’s there for the grass at the exact time that it’s needed.

For reference, early is considered March or April. May is really when the soil is warm enough to take in fertilizer for your lawn.


When is the Ideal Time to Apply Fertilizer in Memphis, TN?

For optimum results as part of your lawn maintenance schedule, you want to apply fertilizer between May and September.

This is when soil temperatures are good and grass is ready to kick into gear for the season.

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This is especially important for fertilizers with high nitrogen content, which should be applied in May and July.

Can DIY Products Help With Lawn Fertilization?

When you shop for DIY products at your local home improvement store, you will usually find an agriculture grade blend that is designed for farm use or a one-size-fits all blend that is sold nationwide.

Those products won’t always help you with your Memphis, TN lawn.

Lawn & Pest Solutions’ Lawn 360 program includes high-quality, custom-blended fertilizers specific to our area making them ideal for amplifying your lawn maintenance schedule.

The Best Lawns Are Growing Using a Great Lawn Fertilization Schedule

As we mentioned, lawn fertilization timing is very important when it comes to having a thicker, greener lawn.

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That’s why you want to choose a lawn care company in Memphis, TN that understands what lawns in this area need to thrive.

You don’t want someone that just ignores Mother Nature’s whims and sticks to a cookie cutter schedule that doesn’t adapt to the local climate or changing weather conditions.

Signing up for a full-year program ensures your lawn receives the best care and you don’t have to worry about what’s needed and when. Your lawn care professional will have the proper timing and products all taken care of for you.

Ready to get on a lawn fertilization schedule that takes your worries away? Lawn & Pest Solutions can help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll customize a plan that gives you the most attractive lawn on the block.

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