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Is Professional Pest Control Safe for My Pets?

Your pet is often the only one in your home that’s there for you through everything, silently at your side offering soothing comfort.

If you have a dog, he probably offers that warm, welcoming greeting and is never unhappy to see you. If you’re a cat owner, he is always the one that warms your lap and purrs gently to show how much he cares.

These pets become your family, so, of course, you wouldn’t want to hurt or harm them.

As you try and get rid of pests – maybe you have ants or cockroaches or rodents in your Memphis, TN and North MS home – you are probably wondering how you can do this properly and whether pet-safe pest control is something you can find.

Guess what? We have some good news to share. Pet-safe pesticide treatments are possible.

Let’s learn more and review your options so you can get rid of your pest problem and keep your furry best friend safe.

Is Indoor Pest Control Safe For Pets?

As you explore hiring a pest control professional to get rid of insects in your home, you are probably looking over at your beloved pet and wondering if pest control is safe for pets.

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I mean, you want to get rid of your bugs, but not at the expense of Fido or Stormy’s health.

Here are some key tips you can follow to banish the bugs while protecting your four-legged companions.

Speak Up About Your Pets When You Talk to Your Pest Control Pro

The very first thing you should do when you are on your consultation call with a potential exterminator or pest control service provider is to mention your pets.

By doing this, you alert them to your concerns and enable them to share their processes with you and customize their treatment plan for you.

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Don’t be afraid to ask your provider what they do when pets are present in a home as they are treating for insects or rodents to understand how they address the situation. Any professional company with experience will be able to share their pet-safe pest control solutions with you and explain how they keep your pets in mind during the entire treatment process.

During Pet-Safe Pesticide Treatments, Safeguard Your Pets

On the day your pest control professional comes to your home to treat for insects, you may also want to secure your pet during their visit.

How can you do this properly? Ask your pet-safe pest control company for the best strategy. They should be able to give you some guidance so you can feel confident during this process.

Keeping pets away from areas that are being treated is a good practice. This keeps them secure and lets your pest control professional focus on his or her job.

Embrace Professional Pet-Safe Pesticide Products

Today’s pet-safe pest control treatment products are much more modern and advanced than products from year’s past. They target specific insects, meaning they have little or no reactions with animals and humans.


The modes of action of these state-of-the-art pest control products don’t affect humans or animals, meaning they are overall safer options due to their low toxicity.

Ensure Professional Application Methods Are Being Used

In addition to modern, advanced pet-safe pesticide products, what makes the professional option the safest for pets is the method of application used.

Pest control professionals use fine-tipped nozzles that pinpoint applications to cracks and crevices in your home. This ensures little to no contact with your cat or dog.

These products also dry quickly, and then your pets can go about their normal business chasing toys around your home and cuddling up on your sofa.

Seek Pest Control Technician Experience

Pest control technicians with the knowledge and licensing to properly identify and treat insect problems in your home will have the skills necessary to do this with minimal invasion in your home.

This means they are taking into account pet safe pest control practices and using high-end products designed to minimize any risks to pets.

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For instance, in the case of rodents, professional pest control companies with expertise and background in pet-safe care will use rodent bait stations that are tamper proof and resistant to animal chewing in case your pet were to decide one looked like a toy by accident.

Keep Pests Out of Your Home While Keeping Your Pets Safe

No one wants insects or rodents to invade their Memphis, TN or North MS home and take over, making the place uncomfortable for you and your family members, including your four-legged friends. And making sure everyone is safe during treatment is also very important.

Pet-safe pest control is possible if you find the right company with experienced, qualified technicians who use high-end, modern chemistries and targeted application techniques to eliminate concerns.

Lawn & Pest Solutions would love to be your choice for pet-friendly pesticide services in Memphis, TN and North MS. We have pets, too, and we know how much they mean to you. Let us help you get a pest-free space that also takes into account your pet’s health and well-being.

Looking for pest control solutions in Memphis, TN and North MS? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can just relax in your new home with your pets without seeing a bug in sight.

Now is the time for your worry-free property!

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