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What Should Professional Pest Inspection and Assessment Include?

Moving into a new home is a wonderful and stressful time.

You have to get all your boxes packed and moved in … and then meticulously unpack them and find new places to settle all your belongings. You also have to transport your furniture over so it can settle into new spaces.

What you don’t want coming with you or entering your new home uninvited are pests. They can make everything messy and make your new home feel like it’s being invaded by an alien species.

While a home inspection you probably had done on your new abode looks at the basic home structure and systems, a pest assessment is specialized, focusing on any bug issues.

Let’s talk about the basics of pest risk assessments in Memphis, TN and North MS and how they can help you determine if your home is bug free or has a pest problem.

Understanding Pest Control Inspections

You might be pondering why you should look into a pest control inspection service.

There are a few key factors that are critical to the success of a pest risk assessment. Let’s learn more.

What Is A Pest Assessment?

In the past, pest control has been about spraying to solve pest problems – whether they are identified or visible or not.

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But a good pest control inspection identifies pest entry points and conducive conditions. When those two areas can be addressed, the application of pesticides within your home can be greatly reduced.

How does Lawn & Pest Solutions do Pest Control Inspections?

A pest risk assessment determines the likelihood of a specific pest gaining entry into your home and questions whether that warrants some type of treatment.

For instance, baits can be used to combat roof rats, but if there is no sign of roof rats or conducive conditions, why apply baits around a home just because?

Even safely applied pesticides can pose a risk, so we want to be sure any pesticides applied are actually needed and applied safely.

Lawn & Pest Solutions’ technicians look for obvious areas of concern in your home during a pest assessment, such as gaps around plumbing or grease/grime buildup around a kitchen sink. It can be easy to overlook seldom-used sinks or tubs that develop stagnant water, and that stagnant water can breed drain flies.

Checking along the foundation outside for weep holes in the brick will help you uncover entry points that ants can use as a superhighway to access your home.

What Does a Pest Risk Assessment Give You?

A pest assessment gives you as a homeowner the peace-of-mind in knowing that a professional has assessed your situation and provided the safest, most responsible outcome to gain control of dangerous pests.

These inspections involve both the interior and exterior of your home – this 360 degree approach is the only way it can be truly successful.

What Type of Memphis and North Mississippi Pests Can an Inspection Find?

A pest assessment is a critical element in the removal and prevention of pests in any home.

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And it can certainly help discover quite a few of the worst pests in the area – from ants to roaches to mice to rats, which are the most common. But you can find all pests in an inspection.

Choose a Pro When Seeking a Pest Risk Assessment For Your Memphis or North Mississippi Home

Now that you understand what a pest control inspection is, you can make a confident choice on if you need one in your home.

Signing up for a pest inspection means you’ve embraced a proactive approach to protecting your home from bugs.

Lawn & Pest Solutions offers pest assessments as part of our Pest 360 home pest control service program. This is an integral part for the initial service, but it’s also part of an “assess, then treat”  mindset our technicians have on every service visit.

Noticing any pests in your home? Want to learn more about professional pest control services in Memphis, TN and North MS? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can just relax and enjoy your home.