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How to Choose The Best Lawn Care Company for Your Needs: Tips for Memphis Homeowners

Once spring arrives, it’s time to get outside in Memphis, TN and North MS. It’s a welcome moment to take in some sweet spring air and walk around your lawn and landscape, and take notice of what winter left in its wake.

And that’s when you start to notice a few things. You might see a patch of rough-looking lawn in one spot, and – oh no! – is that a weed?

Yep, before you can even begin to enjoy the fresh air and warmer temperatures, other things that also enjoy the sun, heat, and longer days – weeds – are taking over your lawn without warning.

This might make you feel overwhelmed. You haven’t even had a chance to look at your lawn and weeds are already there. It might make you feel like you’re falling behind. What can you do and is it too late?

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It might be time to bring in some help so you can get back to your spring and summer activities. By choosing a professional who offers lawn care in Memphis or North Mississippi, you can ensure your lawn gets the care it needs and banish the weeds. 

Before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few things to consider when seeking the best lawn care company in Memphis.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Company in Memphis

When you seek out a Memphis or North Mississippi lawn care company, you want to know that you’re getting exactly what you need to make your lawn better.

As you compare services from different companies, review them thoroughly so you can ensure your expectations are being met.

Focus on the following specific issues when hiring a lawn care company to ensure you’re getting the best lawn care service possible.

Look Beyond Price

Sure, it would be nice to compare apples to apples service offerings between lawn care Memphis companies, but it’s usually not that simple.

Everyone will offer a service fee, but to make true comparisons, you’ll have to look beyond price and see what they are actually delivering for the cost.

For example, in addition to fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the growing season, is preventive crabgrass control and lawn insect and disease monitoring a part of the package?

Larger lawn care companies may come in offering cheaper rates, but their execution may not be up to par or they may offer fewer services. You may even notice they are very transaction-based in their service and don’t take the time to answer your questions.

Also, check and see if your lawn care service provider offers other things of interest to you, such as mosquito control, aeration and overseeding, grub control, and pest control. This way, you don't have to waste time contacting another company if and when you might have additional problems to tackle.

Communication Is Essential

When it comes to your beloved lawn, you want to make sure you are hiring a Mississippi lawn care company that is responsive in its customer service.

You don’t want a company to treat you like a number, roll in without warning to look at your lawn for a few minutes and then run away without explanation, leaving you with just a bill for their trouble.

You want a lawn care company that is available to answer your questions and quickly respond to your concerns. You want a company that invests time in you and your lawn.

Personalized Service Makes a Difference

Every lawn care company in Memphis will offer service visits that include fertilization and weed control, but a bigger question may be: will my company be able to treat special conditions or issues that arise in my lawn?

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When choosing a lawn care company, you want someone to treat your property like it is unique because it is.

While some local lawns will have some similarities, your lawn is still special because it may have different sun exposure, soil conditions, and challenges.

Check Out The Company Reviews

When you’re hiring a lawn care company in North Mississippi, you want to make sure you also can get insight on the company’s performance and reliability.

The companies you’re considering should be able to provide you with access to their reviews so you can get a sense of how they work and how customers have responded to their service.

A nice lawn can boost the value of your home, so this is not the time to make a hasty decision on an unproven company.

Hire the Best Lawn Care Company in Memphis and North MS For You

When you are choosing a lawn care company in Memphis and North MS, you want to take the time to make a decision you feel good about.

After all, your relationship will be an on-going one. You want to feel comfortable with the professional you hire so you can ask him or her questions anytime and maintain trust in their service.

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Weeds are bad enough to find lurking in your lawn; you don't need the extra hassle of hiring a company that doesn’t come through for you or does a poor job and forces you to have to replace them later and go through this all over again.

We know a lot of thought goes into picking the right lawn care service provider for you. We hope these tips help you make the best choice for you.

Get excited to go outside and enjoy your lawn in Memphis, TN and North MS! Contact today for a free consultation, and we’ll bring our proven lawn care experience and create a custom plan for your yard.

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