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Roach Prevention Tips for North Mississippi Homeowners

Nothing is worse than seeing a cockroach scurry across your kitchen floor.

These pests are gross, right? They hide in crevices and corners, coming out in the dark and then scattering when you flick on the lights. And they are persistent in their hunt for food.

Cockroaches invade your home and make your personal spaces their own. They are dirty, move fast, and multiply like crazy. Just the thought of cockroaches near your food or your personal space can give you the shivers.

Worried about how to keep roaches away from your Memphis, TN or Northern MS home? It’s time to take back your home and show these nasty pests who’s boss.

Let’s look at some facts about cockroaches, signs of roach infestation, home roach prevention, and how hiring a pest control in Memphis, TN and North MS can help.

Understanding How Cockroaches Operate

Many illnesses and health problems are associated with cockroaches. They can carry viral and bacterial pathogens as they move around your countertops and surfaces and poke around in your pantries, sinks, and bathroom drawers.

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Gross, right? But before you can come up with a cockroach elimination plan, you have to know what kind of cockroaches you’re dealing with, signs of roach infestation, and when it's time to bring in a pest control expert.

The Main Cockroaches in Memphis, TN and North MS

How to keep roaches away starts with knowing what pests you're dealing with.

In Memphis, TN and North MS, there are primarily three main species of cockroaches: the American cockroach, the oriental cockroach, and the German cockroach.

The American Cockroach is reddish-brown and adults are about 1.5 inches long. They love warm, humid areas and hanging out near trash cans.

Oriental Cockroaches are black and about 1 inch in length. They seek moist areas like basements.

The German Cockroach is light brown with two stripes and is only a half an inch long as an adult. You can find this cockroach anywhere water, warmth, and food are found, which usually means in your kitchens and bathrooms.

Home Roach Prevention

Cockroaches like food, water, humidity, warmth, and safe breeding spaces.

They are attracted to things like dirty dishes in your sink, garbage that’s left out, crumbs on the floor, pet food, and leftover food in containers.

Cockroaches can live on very little food, so they can survive on just crumbs and small morsels.

And then they can multiply like crazy. The female German cockroach, for instance, can carry as many as 40 eggs at a time, producing up to three to four generations of bugs in her lifetime. So in as little as three months, you could go from a couple of cockroaches to a full infestation.

Cockroaches can get into your home via cracks and crevices, holes in vents and pipes, and even by hitching a ride on items you bring into your home.

If you walk into your kitchen or bathroom in the morning and find cockroaches on the counters or in sinks, you know you have a problem and should start researching how to get rid of roaches.

How To Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches are clearly attracted to dirt and crumbs, so how to keep roaches away starts with keeping your home clean.

This means washing dishes and putting them away after eating, cleaning any crumbs and spills immediately, taking out the garbage on a regular basis, removing grease from the stovetop, sealing food in air-tight containers, and sweeping and mopping floors on a regular basis.

Store-bought baits and traps are rarely effective.

Hiring a Pro For Pest Control in Memphis, TN and North MS

While DIY methods may help temporarily for a very minor infestation of one to two insects, cockroaches are pretty persistent pests.

If you have tried some products and amped up your cleaning methods and are still finding roaches, then you likely need to call in a pest control professional to put an end to this roach nightmare for good.

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The treatment methods a professional cockroach pest control company will use will vary depending on your home and the type of problem you have.

It starts with an inspection. Your exterminator will look at your kitchen, bathroom, closets, basement and attic. This will help determine your level of infestation so they can come up with a treatment plan.

A small infestation might be taken care of in a week or two, while a larger infestation could take a month or more.

Once the main interior infestation is taken care of – whether the infestation is minor or major –  then your pest control pro will come back quarterly to do exterior perimeter applications to keep the cockroaches out.

If you suspect you have a problem, get an inspection and ease your mind. Hiring reputable pest control in Memphis, TN and North MS that employs experienced and conscientious technicians can eliminate your worries … and your cockroaches.

When killing roaches is a priority, you want to make the right choice so that you can win the battle against these pests. That’s what we want, too.

We want you to be able to relax in your home. Get in touch today and we’ll bring our proven cockroach pest control experience and create a custom plan for your Memphis, TN and North MS home. Get started today with a free quote.

Image Source | German Cockroach